Work in Austria

This section is relevant for third-country citizen only.

Work after studies

After successfully completing your 2-year Diploma progamme at ITM College you fulfil the requirements to apply for a working visa (Red-White-Red Card) and therefore the first step towards a permanent immigration. The Red-White-Red card is a criteria-based immigration.

The following options are available for ITM College graduates:

  • Skilled Workers in Shortage Occupations
  • Other Key Workers
  • Start-up Founders

The option “Skilled Workers in Shortage Occupations” is available to those who completed a course or vocational training in a shortage occupation. ITM College graduates fulfil the requirements for some Austria-wide and some Regional shortage occupations.

In addition you must have a job offer before the application and reach a minimum number of points on a criteria list. ITM students reach this minimum amount.

As a student of ITM College considering to work after studies, you will receive full support with this matter even after graduating.

Work during studies

During your studies third country citizens are allowed to work up to 20 hours / week. However, we recommend to work only up to 16 hours per week to not affect your studies in Austria.

In order to start working during studies you must apply for a job and your future employer have to apply for your work permit during studies. This process may take 4-6 weeks.

ITM College will assist all students with this procedure.

Further study possibilites

If you want to continue with further studies after completing the ITM Diploma programme please consult the partner university section.

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