Educational Concept

Officially accredited by the Austrian Ministry of Education, the ITM College is registered as a tourism college with public status. Our educational concept is focused on an applied study programme taught in English, offering an international environment in an operating seminar and event hotel.

Quality First

Quality is a vital issue, not only when it comes to the industry but also very much in education.

Having the status of a privately-run college, our study programme is officially accredited and controlled by the Austrian Federal Ministry of Education. (BMBWF (24.251/0001 II/4/2019)

Applied study programme

What makes ITM special is the perfect balance of theoretical and practical skills. Studying in an operating hotel means valuable experience and a broad insight into various fields of the hospitality sector, from Restaurant & Service Management to Management operations.


In a global world that is expanding ever more, interaction with other cultures is essential. Therefore, ITM is proud that students from all over the world create a dynamic, global and multicultural atmosphere on our campus. Not losing the benefit of our small and familiar learning environment.


English is the language of the modern world and the most spoken language worldwide – much needed in the tourism and hotel field. With a proficiency in English the whole world is open as a prospective working environment.

Individual Focus

Being a small faculty, ITM can put special focus on each individual student, thus responding to the different needs and requirements. Our lecturers can adapt and customise their lessons in accordance with the preferences of their students.