Further Bachelor Studies


The planned IUC – international private university college Bad Vöslau will be located at the ITM College campus. A university college with a strong international orientation and a focus on social skills.

The language of instruction, as well as the corporate language, will be 100% English. At least 75% of the students and staff will be international.
The university college positions itself as a highly service-orientated institution; the ideal environment for international students.

The IUC – International Private University College Bad Vöslau is currently in the process of initial institutional accreditation by AQ Austria (Austrian Accreditation Authority) and in a project status.
Please note that a legally valid accreditation decision is required before any study programme can be started.

Bachelor in International Hospitality & Business Management

Shortened study duration for graduates of the ITM College or other tourism colleges.

For further information, please contact IUC directly.