Partner Universities

Bachelor in Hospitality Management (Netherlands)

Achieve a Bachelor Degree within1.5 – 2 study years. (English)

With your ITM diploma, you can continue with a Dutch bachelor’s degree (BBA) Bachelor in Business Administration with specialisation in Hospitality Management offered by Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences (NL). Accredited by NVAO, FIBAA and further institutions, WUAS promotes excellence in teaching and a unique study experience. 

Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences is located in the Netherlands with campus locations in Apeldoorn and Amsterdam.

If an academic career is exactly your thing, you can go ahead with your Master studies at WUAS as well.

Bachelor in Tourism and Hotel Management (Austria)

Achieve a Bachelor Degree within 1.5 study years. (German / English)

This pathway offers graduates from tourism colleges a short track Bachelor programme either in English or in German language. It is a part time programme where classes take place online with tutoring classes on campus.

International students who require a residence permit can ideally combine this programme with a working visa to study and work at the same time.

Bachelor in Tourism Management (Austria)

Achieve a Bachelor Degree within1.5 – 2 study years. (German)

Having achieved an ITM diploma you will earn 50 to 60 ECTS points for your Bachelor Study in Tourism which is offered in Vienna. By this you could shorten your study up to 1,5 years. And you can earn money alongside your study as a job beside your academic training is not only possible but required.

This special type of a bachelor study is offered by the German State University of Applied Sciences Hochschule Zittau/Görlitz. In Austria it is offered in cooperation with the IBS-Academy in Vienna which has a long time experience in it. The lectures take place in Vienna in two ways: by attending classes in presence or online.

The high standard of study programmes offered by IBS Academy are demonstrated by the fact that many graduates are warmly welcomed at renowned European universities for master studies.

Further Partner Universities

Stenden UniversityStenden UniversityICHM AdelaideBHMS Luzern
LocationLeeuwarden, NetherlandsLeeuwarden, NetherlandsAdelaide, AustraliaLuzern, Switzerland
DegreeBBA Int. Hospitality ManagementBBA Int. Tourism ManagementBachelor of Int. Hotel Management (Swiss Hotel Association)Bachelor of Hotel & Hospitality Management
Duration2 years1.5 years2 years1 year
Study fees per year€ 1.984,00
€ 7.800,00
€ 1,984.00
€ 7,800.00
$ 35.860,00CHF 29.900,00
Compulsory Industry Placementyesyesyesyes
Accommodation € 350,00 per month€ 350,00 per month$ 8.500,00 per yearAccommodation and Meals are included