Bachelor Top-Up Year – Hospitality Management

As you have successfully completed the Diploma programme you can continue with a Dutch Bachelor Degree (BBA) in “Hospitality Management” at our ITM campus in Austria. With the multiple accredited Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences (NL) as a cooperation partner, ITM College can offer the final phase of their Bachelor programme following our 2-year Diploma programme.

 To promote excellence in teaching and learning international business and management, as well as to create the best environment for students and staff, where internationalisation, diversity and ethics lay the foundations of successfully applied, research-informed global learning.

Wittenborg mission

Graduates from other Austrian tourism colleges

If you have graduated from any other tourism college in Austria, you are eligible to join the Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences Bachelor programme as well! Within 1 more year you can achieve a Dutch Bachelor (BBA) degree at the ITM College campus close to Vienna. The only further requirement is an IELTS or equivalent English language certificate showing level B2.

Top-Up Year

The programme starts in September and takes you through 10 months of intense studies until June. Offering you a great variety of subjects perfectly complementing your ITM Diploma, you will be well prepared for your future career or for your academic pathway.

With a different structure from the Austrian semester type, the Top-Up Year will be organised as a block system consisting of 8 blocks each with different modules (subjects). Each module will be taught for 5 weeks followed by an assessment week. Block 1–3 & 5–7 are teaching weeks, Block 4 & 8 are reserved for a retake if applicable.

The two charts below give you an overview of the block structure and the curriculum.

Research Methodology & Quantitative Methods5
Contemporary Issues in the International Service Industry5
Marketing Research5
International Marketing for SME’s5
Sociology and Organisational Behaviour5
Enterprise Technology & Innovation5
Strategic Management in the Hospitality and Tourism Industry5
International Labour Relations5
Law and Human Resource in Hospitality5
Managing Sales and Accounts5
Advanced Corporate Strategy5
Intercultural Management5
International Management55
PDP 3 – Personal Development Plan & TutoringPass
Graduation Assignment20
Work Placement30

Further possibilities & Partner Universities

  • Master at Wittenborg
  • Partner Universities

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Apart from doing your Bachelor at the ITM campus, you also have the possibility to study at one of our partner universities. Depending on the chosen university, you can get your Bachelor’s degree in 1–2 years.

*Legal: This programme is a fully Netherlands accredited degree programme. It is not an Austrian degree programme. This programme has been registered with AQ Austria (currently until 29/3/2024). This registration allows Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences to offer the programme in Austria under Austrian regulations.Registration of this programme with AQ Austria does not imply an equiveillance with Austrian studies and corresponding Austrian academic degrees. The academic degree students can achieve (BBA) is not Austrian – it is a Dutch degree. Academic degrees from Netherlands are recognized across the world, also in Austria. Dutch higher education ranks amongst the highest in the world. (Pursuant to Section 27 Paragraph 7 HS-QSG) Naturally, if the decision by AQ Austria is revoked then the programme can no longer be offered in Austria. (Pursuant to Section 4 (3) of Section 27-MeldeVO 2019)